Long Board TV - Episode 27 (2004)

NR 22 minutes Surfing
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We investigate Noosa, Australia's perfect point waves, the Surf

Dane Peterson, Jye Lee, Alex Knost

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Episodes from Long Board TV - Season 2


Episode 17

In this edition of Long Board TV's, we salute the various aspects of this lifestyle that have universally helped make surfers a unique and envious subculture.

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Episode 18

In this edition of Long Board TV we take a look at Dodger Kremmel, John Severson, Skip Frye and surfing's influence on the Cote de Basque.

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Episode 19

In this episode of Long Board TV, we take a look at the Biarritz Surf Festival in France, Huntington Beach, talk to upstart Christian Wach and surfing legend Herbie Fletcher.

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Episode 20

In this episode of Long Board TV, we take a survey of the sport of surfing, including profiles on stars past and present.

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Episode 21

Take a look at activities that define surfing over the years by covering the 5th Annual Robert August Surf and Turf, examining Hobie Alter, and profiling Kekoa Uemura.

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Episode 22

In this episode of Long Board TV, we take a look at the many challenges that face surfers, whether it be nature, themselves, or other adventurers.

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Episode 23

We take a look at the retro movement sweeping through surfing's mainstream, visit one of the sport's most historic spots and profile an American ex-pat down in Australia.

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Episode 24

We profile Santa Cruz's Tanner Beckett, scope the Coors Light Toes on the Nose Championships and catch up with a crew of longboarders who traveled to Indo to find perfect, empty waves.

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Episode 25

We pay tribute to renowned photographer Jim Russi, take a look at the 11th Annual Longboard Invitational and Luau, and investigate the Superbank on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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Episode 26

With a profile of So Cal surfer/artist Tyler Warren, a spot check on Santa Cruz and a look at Jeff Hakman, we cut a broad swath through surf culture on this episode of Long Board TV.

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Episode 27

We investigate Noosa, Australia's perfect point waves, the Surf ...

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Episode 28

In this episode, we roll through the best of Long Board TV revisiting in-depth profiles as well as tagging along on a surf adventure into the Canadian wilderness.

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Episode 29

We take a look at legendary surf artist Rick Griffin, world champion-turned-musician Beau Young, competitor and shaper Jye Byrnes and the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach.

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Episode Details

Synopsis Since Bruce Browne's seminal surf film The Endless Summer hit theaters nearly five decades ago, surfers have been on a perpetual quest to find and ride flawless waves in far-flung locales. In this episode of Longboard TV, we investigate this dream by taking a look at three of the most oft-visited longboard destinations on the planet. First, we look at Noosa, Australia, home to perfect point waves and charming surf culture. Next, we provide contest coverage from the Surf
Genres Longboarding
Athletes Dane Peterson, Jye Lee, Alex Knost, Dave Simons, Jimmy Gamboa, Belinda Baggs, Jacob Stuth, Tom Wegener, Josh Constable, Bart Wilson, Alex Salazar, Duane Desoto, Rusty Keaulana, Dino Miranda, Taylor Jensen, Bonga Perkins, Zack Howard, Phil Rajzman, Joel Tudor, Chris Bredesen, Andrew Logreco, Dodger Kremel, Jalian
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution SD | 852x480
Download Resolution SD | 640x360
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