Long Board TV - Season 1 (2003)

NR 5 hours  8 minutes Surfing
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Complete Season 14 Episodes

Season 1 (14 Episodes)


Episode 1

From the Ranch, Pipeline, Joey Cabel, Bonga Perkins, Jimmy Gamboa and innovators like San Clemente shaper Bill Stewart,all in this premier edition of Long Board TV.

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Episode 2

In this edition of Long Board TV we look at longboard surfing as both an extreme sport and relaxing artform.

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Episode 3

We take a closer look at single fins, shaggy hairdoos, "old school," other retro hype and journey to the Mentawais on this edition of Long Board TV.

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Episode 4

On this edition of Long Board TV we prove that you don't have to fit the mold of a fit, hacking a wave to pieces on his sharp, six-foot, toothpick to enjoy the ocean's energy.

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Episode 5

Since the '50s, modern surfing has offered an escape from mainstream consciousness, allowing surfers to find their inner creativity through the act of sliding down a wave.

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Episode 6

Get out your frequent flyer card as we log some serious miles on this episode of Long Board TV.

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Episode 7

Lay back and enjoy as we look at some of the people and places that define the surfing found today in the Golden State.

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Episode 8

Tag along with a diverse cast of log riders as they discover paradise far removed from the familiar places and faces of home.

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Episode 9

Explore the roots of board design and see how centuries of innovation have influenced modern longboarding's current state.

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Episode 10

In this edition of Long Board TV, we look at some of the sport's top surfers and the waves that helped them get there.

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Episode 11

Travel to the surf-rich Pacific coast of Costa Rica for the 11th annual Toes On The Nose Rabbit Kekai Longboard Classic.

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Episode 12

Head down to the Pacific Ocean's southwestern-most rim for the 12th Annual Oxbow World Longboard Championship with the left point at Raglan.

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Episode 13

Hang as Long Board TV cruises through the faces and places that make Costa Rica the Surfing Eden it is today.

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Episode 14

In this edition of Long Board TV, we take a look unique individuals are closely bound by the common passion of longboarding.

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Season Details

Synopsis Complete 1st Season of Long Board TV (14 Episodes)
Genres Longboarding
Director Ira Opper
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 5 hours  8 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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