The Surfer's Journal - Filmmakers (1996)

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Season 1 (10 Episodes)


Bud Browne

Bud Browne invented the surf movie -- and he did it with style and humor. He was the original.

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Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown's early films demonstrated his dry wit and a casual rapport with the best surfers of the late '50s and early '60s.

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John Severson

In the late '50s, John Severson decided to join Bud Brown as a full-time surf entertainment entrepreneur.

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Bill Delaney

Bill Delaney's Free Ride wasn't just the definitive look at surfing in mid-1970's, it was probably the last great surf movie...

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Greg Noll

Beginning in 1956, a good part of Greg Noll's career in surfing was photographed, -- in his own movies, in other people's movies.

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Hal Jepsen

Hal Jepsen focused on California and Hawaii. His 1969 movie, Cosmic Children, is a period classic.

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Scott Dittrich

Scott Dittrich was the last of the full-time surf moviemakers. Fluid Drive, his first effort, was a smash hit in 1974.

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Greg MacGillivray

Greg MacGillivray, along with his partner Jim Freeman, produced a series of films from the mid-'60s to the early '70s that set the standard for technical excellence.

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George Greenough

He was the first to take a camera inside the tube, and his slow motion footage from within is as beautiful and hypnotic today as it was when first seen by a stunned surfing public in 1970.

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In this episode, we examine the evolution of surf filmmaking in Australia, from Bob Evans influence to Paul Witzig's "Evolution" released in 1969, which quickly became a symbol for the turbulent early...

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Synopsis Complete Filmmakers Season of The Surfer's Journal (10 Episodes)
Genres Surfing Documentaries, Biographical, Surf Filmmakers
Director Ira Opper
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 4 hours  
Audio Language English | Stereo
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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