The Surfer's Journal - Filmmakers - Hal Jepsen (1996)

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Hal Jepsen focused on California and Hawaii. His 1969 movie, Cosmic Children, is a period classic.

Hal Jepsen, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Jeff Hakman

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Bud Browne

Bud Browne invented the surf movie -- and he did it with style and humor. He was the original.

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Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown's early films demonstrated his dry wit and a casual rapport with the best surfers of the late '50s and early '60s.

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John Severson

In the late '50s, John Severson decided to join Bud Brown as a full-time surf entertainment entrepreneur.

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Bill Delaney

Bill Delaney's Free Ride wasn't just the definitive look at surfing in mid-1970's, it was probably the last great surf movie...

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Greg Noll

Beginning in 1956, a good part of Greg Noll's career in surfing was photographed, -- in his own movies, in other people's movies.

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Hal Jepsen

Hal Jepsen focused on California and Hawaii. His 1969 movie, Cosmic Children, is a period classic.

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Scott Dittrich

Scott Dittrich was the last of the full-time surf moviemakers. Fluid Drive, his first effort, was a smash hit in 1974.

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Greg MacGillivray

Greg MacGillivray, along with his partner Jim Freeman, produced a series of films from the mid-'60s to the early '70s that set the standard for technical excellence.

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George Greenough

He was the first to take a camera inside the tube, and his slow motion footage from within is as beautiful and hypnotic today as it was when first seen by a stunned surfing public in 1970.

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In this episode, we examine the evolution of surf filmmaking in Australia, from Bob Evans influence to Paul Witzig's "Evolution" released in 1969, which quickly became a symbol for the turbulent early...

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Synopsis While Alby Falzon offered the Australian perspective during this time, Hal Jepsen focused on California and Hawaii. His 1969 movie, Cosmic Children, is a period classic. His follow-up, A Sea for Yourself, is smoother and better-founded. Jepsens timing was good, as he often turned up on the biggest and best days of the year, and he never short-changed his audiences on hardcore surf action. In the earl 70's, Jespen filmed Miki Dora at the POP pier and with the skatebaording revival in full swing Jepsen began to divide his time between the beach and near by streets, parks and empty swimming pools. He is recognised as the filmmaker who documentated the "Dog Town" era of skaeboarding.
Genres Surfing Documentaries, Biographical, Surf Filmmakers
Athletes Hal Jepsen, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Jeff Hakman, Mark Warren, Larry Bertlemann, Gerry Lopez
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 23 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
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