Built to Shred - Season 4 - Weird Science (2011)

NR HD 21 minutes Skateboarding
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The Built to Shred crew gets the opportunity to shred the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Jeff King, Dennis Busenitz, Frank Gerwer

Episodes from Built to Shred - Season 4


Shred Ranch RIP

Its the end of an era as host Jeff King's beloved Shred Ranch is demolished. Join the Built to Shred crew, special guests Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek, Neal Mims, Mike ...

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Weird Science

The Built to Shred crew gets the opportunity to shred the San Francisco Exploratorium.

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Join Jeff and the crew as they get the opportunity to turn an abandoned 72-hole mini golf course into a shredable country club for special guests. This episode is a hole in one.

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Musical Shred

The Built to Shred team and host Jeff King create the worlds first musical skatepark full of obstacles that make beautiful music.

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Land of Giants

The Built to Shred team and host Jeff King travel to Sparta, Wisconsin home of the worlds largest collection of giant roadside sculptures.

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Tactical Shred

The Built to Shred crew has fun in the crosshairs as they descend upon a law enforcement training facility to do some Dirty Harry-style shredding.

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Flutag: Flight of the Shredheaded Stepchildren

Jeff and the crew take a flying leap in a new direction as they work around the clock to create a skateboard-inspired glider in time for the Red Bull Flugtag in Tampa, Florida.

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Sink or Swim

The BTS crew takes over the Projects Wake Skate Park in Florida to harvest floating fun, and make amazing obstacles that have everybody shredding on water.

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Rosa Parks would be proud, as the BTS crew moves to the front, the back, the top, and every side while shredding the busses at Zacher's Bus Salvage yard in Harbor City.

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Needle in the Hay

Jeff and the crew search for shred in a haystack at Cool Patch Pumpkin Patch where hay bales become building blocks, and the world's largest corn maze gets popped. BTS style.

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Backstage Pass: All Access

Shred through the history of Rock and Roll stages as the BTS crew digs deep into the archives of sets at All Access Staging in Torrance.

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Heavy Equipment

The Built to Shred team and host Jeff King usually rent heavy equipment to create obstacles, but this time we're renting a heavy equipment facility to shred.

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Over A Barrel

Jeff and the Built to Shred crew shred a vineyard, where they build a 20-foot-tall wine-barrel pipe for some of skating's best, from Nyjah Huston to Curren Caples.

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Surf's Up: The World's First Plywood Wave

Surfs up, way up! On this episode of Built to Shred Jeff King and his crew attempt to build the worlds first plywood wave. No duck diving allowed!...

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Episode Details

Synopsis Host Jeff King and the Built to Shred crew get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when they're invited to shred the San Francisco Exploratorium. With a little help from The Professor Paul Schmitt and the Exploratorium scientists, Built to Shred takes the science of skateboarding where it's never gone before. SF's finest shredders come to test the experiment
Genres Skateboarding
Athletes Jeff King, Dennis Busenitz, Frank Gerwer, Jackson Curtain
Director Matt Solomon
Writer Matt Solomon
Studio Fuel TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 21 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution HD | 1920x1080
Download Resolution SD | 640x480 (394.13 MB) and HD | 1280x720 (681.52 MB)
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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