Bubba's World - Season 1 - The Crib (2010)

NR 22 minutes Motorsports
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James finally gets the house of his dreams, but when the roommate situation doesn't workout, he kicks out sidekick Eric Sorby and decides to have a party without him.

James Stewart

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Episodes from Bubba's World - Season 1


The Compound

James "Bubba" Stewart, the number one motocross racer in the world, pulling in over $10 million a year, tells his parents that he's taking the summer off from racing -- for the first time ever.

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The Nap

Free of responsibilities, James tries to relax. But a run-in with the law by way of his Ferrari and a fart-prank by way of his brother, interrupt.

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The Call

James escapes The Compound and heads to California to party with the FMX boys and do some product endorsements. But meeting a fine young lady is certainly the highlight of the trip.

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The Game

After a dare from Todd Potter and the freestyle community, James decides to enter the X-Games in California. He does amazingly well in events he's never even tried before...until he gets hurt.

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The Trip

James is sidelined by the doctor for an injured shoulder so he heads home. But rest and relaxation take a backseat when loudmouth FMX start Todd Potter steals James away for a trip filled with booze,...

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The Tourist

James Stewart, Eric Sorby, and Todd Potter continue their road-trip in Orlando and attempt to set their personality differences aside; allowing James to recapture moments he missed out on during...

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The Exit

With the help of his new BFF, Eric Sorby, Bubba visits with his accountant, hires a realtor and goes searching for the perfect home. But what may seem perfect for most people, won't necessarily work...

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The Crib

James finally gets the house of his dreams, but when the roommate situation doesn't workout, he kicks out sidekick Eric Sorby and decides to have a party without him.

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The Assistant

In an effort of redemption, Eric Sorby, takes on the task of finding James Stewart an assistant. With Stewart out of town Eric capitalizes on the opportunity to interview candidates for the position.

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The Backflip

James Stewart is inspired by his recent interactions with FMX's Todd Potter and is now itching to learn backflips. Learning this new move must be done in secret. Stewart solicits the help of his...

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Episode Details

Synopsis James finally gets the house of his dreams and moves in, bringing sidekick Eric Sorby along for company. James is excited to enjoy his new-found freedom and privacy. But when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and other household chores, not only is James clueless, Eric Sorby seems to make everything worse -- white towels become pink, food doesn't get cooked, and Sorby ends up puking all over the house after a night of celebration. On top of all the chaos, Sorby puts a hole in James' ceiling after playing basketball in the foyer. So with this roommate situation not working out, James sends Sorby back to the Stewart Compound and throws a housewarming bash without him.
Genres Motocross, Dirtbike
Athletes James Stewart
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
Download Resolution SD | 852x480
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