Thrillbillies - Season 4 - Circus Bear (2012)

NR HD 22 minutes Motorsports
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Derek convinces Pat he can make some fast cash by joining the circus, but can his pal cut it under the big top?

Cam McQueen, Crum (Aaron Savage), Pat Laughlin

Episodes from Thrillbillies - Season 4


Shrimpy the Kid

Insane stunts and shenanigans performed by the most loveable rednecks on the planet.

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Whitney's Fairy Tale

The Thrillbillies crew brings a fairy tale to life for Whitney, the lone fem-billie of the redneck clan, and a big surprise is in store.

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Hero Worship

Crum invites legendary skater Bob Burnquist for a visit with the Thrillbillies, but things don't go as planned.

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Circus Bear

Derek convinces Pat he can make some fast cash by joining the circus, but can his pal cut it under the big top?...

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Derek Jumps the Grand Canyon

Derek takes things to the limit when he attempts to launch himself over the Grand Canyon. Will he survive such a ridiculous stunt, or will he push himself one stunt too far?...

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Johnny's Cage Fight

Johnny's one tough 'billie, but can he handle a cage fight? He enlists the crew to help him take a few punches and find out.

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Tom Spond

Dusty may seem like a simple redneck, but this 'billie's got a few secrets up his sleeve that come in handy for a covert operation.

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Clay's Dream

Clay has a crazy dream that stays with him, leaving more questions than answers.

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Cam's Roll

Always the adventurer, Cam enlists the Thrillbillies -- help to take his life in his hands and barrel-roll a buggy -- but can he manage such a ridiculous stunt?...

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Extreme Skating

Skateboarding gets the Thrillbillies treatment when Johnny and Whitney try to take it to the next level, with mixed (and hilarious) results.

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Bikin' Buddies

Derek and Dusty team up to test their mettle on tandem bikes, but can they manage the thrills -- and spills -- with double the danger?...

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Sir Crumsalot & King Shrimpy

Crum takes Shrimpy on a medieval adventure. Also, in this episode, paper bag rally cross, pond gap slip 'n slide, and a wakeboard pipe session. Plus, more!...

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Thrillbillie Gold

Revisit the most misguided adventures, ridiculous stunts, and golden moments of the Thrillbillies' fourth season.

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Thrillbillies Road Trip

Everyone's favorite gang of ridiculous redneck hits the road for a group getaway to the Grand Canyon, with more twists, turns, and misadventures that make for a bumpy family vacation.

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Episode Details

Synopsis Derek convinces Pat he can make some fast cash by joining the circus, but can his pal cut it under the big top?
Genres Stunts and Wipeouts
Athletes Cam McQueen, Crum (Aaron Savage), Pat Laughlin, Gavin Astle
Director Jared Willardsen
Writer Jared Willardsen
Studio Fuel TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution HD | 1920x1080
Download Resolution SD | 640x480 (474.44 MB) and HD | 1280x720 (681.54 MB)
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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