Thrillbillies - Season 1 - Double Trouble (2009)

NR 22 minutes Motorsports
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Travis Pastrana's cousin takes on all challengers in backyard boxing, we profile FMX champ Kenny Bartram, and Travis lands the first ever double backflip on a motorcycle.

Travis Pastrana, Kenny Bartram, Gregg Godfrey

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Episodes from Thrillbillies - Season 1


Thrillbillies 101

Refus explains what a Thrillbillie is and how someone becomes one. Plus, the Thrillbillies big wheel at Lake Powel, ride a rocket toilet, freeride in the Utah desert, and learn to fight the hard way.

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Trailer Trauma

Cam and Crum race with trailers in-tow, the boys do some car shopping, and the2008 supercross season is revisited. Plus, join Crum for the first chicken-cross track race.

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Monster Truck Madness

The boys head to the dunes with a monster truck, a canoe, and extreme-skier, Chris Collins. Plus a backyard mud hole becomes a challenge to jump in and over.

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Wet and Wild

Cam and Crum learn to wheelie street bikes and do some jet ski motocross. Plus, snowmobiling, jet skis in the swamp, and Ken Block over-jumps his rally car.

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Turn Down The Suck

Cam and Crum wakeboard behind and airboat and park cars at high speed. Plus bike flipping and couch racing.

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When In Doubt, Gas It!

Episode 6 features fun with Crum's broken truck, BMXer Fuzzy hall, snowmobiles on a lake, and the last Chicken-cross track race.

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To Flip or Not To Flip

Three Thrillbillies are profiled: motocross and FMX champion and X-Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana, X-Fighter winner Ronnie Renner, and the fearless Street Bike Tommy.

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Double Trouble

Travis Pastrana's cousin takes on all challengers in backyard boxing, we profile FMX champ Kenny Bartram, and Travis lands the first ever double backflip on a motorcycle.

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Do or Die

Check out the lifestyle of Tenacious J. Then catch Travis Pastrana*s backflips a motorcycle into the Grand Canyon, and the Canadian Thrillbillie Cam McQueen is profiled.

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A Big Mistake

Check out Travis Pastrana's supercross career-ending crash. Then pay a visit to the Pastrana Compound and backflip school, and catch a profile on Special Greg.

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Road Trip

Travis Pastrana and other Thrillbillies travel to Austria to race in the Erzberg Rodeo. Plus, Travis launches his shifter cart off of his ramp, and Fembillies pull their first backflips.

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Summer Fun

The Thrillbillies backflip the Godzilla jump in Oregon. Then 'Extreme' water sliding is taken to new levels, and Travis Pastrana does some BASE jumping in Italy.

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Episode Details

Synopsis In Thrillbilles episode 8, Travis Pastrana's cousin, Special Greg, takes on Robert Pastrana and a couple of his buddies, plus Streetbike Tommy, in a hilarious four round boxing match. Then, Thrillbillie, Jim Dechamp, tries a front flip on his mountain bike, lands back first on bricks, and somehow walks away. Travis' best buddy and Freestyle MX champion, Cowboy Kenny Bartram, is profiled by members of the crew. And finally, Travis achieves yet another first by completing the first double back flip on a motorcycle. Shot in California, Maryland, Utah, and Washington, Jeremy Rawle and Gregg Godfrey (as Refus and Sprocket, respectively) act as hosts to help tell their stories of success and failure. These stories, the mysterious Tenacious J*s observations, and more mayhem in the episode number 8.
Genres Motocross, Dirtbike, Stunts and Wipeouts
Athletes Travis Pastrana, Kenny Bartram, Gregg Godfrey, Jeremy Rawle, Tenacious J
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
Download Resolution SD | 640x480
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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