The Outdoor Sports Show - Season 1 - Episode 6 (2017)

NR HD 26 minutes Adventure
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We're in Patagonia for the premiere mountain trail race. Off to Croatia we go for mountain biking the Four Island Race. Down in America's south hundreds of triathletes take to the dirt trails surrounding Pelham, Alabama. Up to French Alps we go trail running the Salomon Gore Tex Max Race, one of the most challenging of them all.

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Synopsis In this episode will be in Patagonia, Argentina for their premiere mountain trail race one and only Patagonia Run. We then move to Europe and into the world of mountain biking for the Four Island Race in Croatia. Add in swimming and running, the off-road a triathlon brand XTERRA is one of the fastest growing multi sports. And in this episode we visit Alabama in the United States for the XTERRA Oak Mountain Race where hundreds of amateurs and professional triathletes take to the dirt trails surrounding Pelham. The French Alps are famous for their summer outdoor sports including trail running the Salomon Gore Tex Maxi Race in Annecy is one of the most demanding and challenging of them all and will follow the elite athletes around the stunning mountainous race.
Genres Endurance, Mountain Bike, Mountain Running, Triathlon
Studio ICARUS Sports
Rating not rated
Running Time 26 minutes
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