The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo - Season 4 (2011)

NR 4 hours  46 minutes Snowboarding
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Join us as we follow two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass and Australia's number-one export and snow personality, The Dingo on their snowboarding adventures around the world.

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Season 4 (13 Episodes)


Tailgate Alaska

The fourth season premiere opens with the Grenade team driving 3,000 miles to tailgate Alaska, where they soon realize that their lack of experience and supplies is putting their lives in serious...

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Taming Alaska

The day starts off rough for Dingo, when his sensitive stomach causes him to vomit during the night. The boys get ready for a big day of heli-boarding when Dingos weight and Dustins limited success...

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Arctic Man

The crew heads down to Paxson, Alaska for Arctic Man, which turns out to be a glorified trailer park. The Miss. Arctic Man beauty contest, snowboarding, guns, beer, and ammo salvage what otherwise...

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Dingo vs. Wild

The guys enter Canada on their way to Grenade games and stop for sled dog racing. Things get delayed when Danny abandons Dingo on the side of the road and the trailer flies off the RV.

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The Games

Grenade Games kicks off with exclusive events like the dual mogul slalom, jam format super-pipe and piata. Stakes are high with the largest cash prize in Grenade Games history and a new Chevy Camaro...

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Trophy Trucks

Danny and the Dingo take a trip to Odessa, Texas to compete in a trophy truck race. The guys start getting nervous when they realize that this type of racing is extremely dangerous and the their...

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European Vacation

Grenade Team kicks off their European Vacation by flying to the French Alps for the Kumi Yama snowboard competition. A huge fight erupts when Danny throws water on the Dingo while hes sleeping.

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Kumi Yama

Danny Kass and the Dingo are in Japan competition in the Kumi Yama snowboard competition. The Dingo ditches the competition and Danny suffers a bad injury.

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A Day In Munich

Danny Kass, Louie Vito and Eero Ettala tour Germany and cause trouble on a tour bus. Eeero tries his hand at hairstyling and the crew buy a lederhosen to go surfing.

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Smells Like Gypsy

Danny Kass hits the Bright trade show while Dingo goes to Poland. Danny tags the Berlin Wall and everyone joins a parade in the streets.

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The Dingo pulls a frontside 720 melon in Dachstein, which earns him $500. Danny Kass joins a party to celebrate National Lederhosen Day.

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Italy to Switzerland

The team finds the biggest jumps of the trip on a glacier in Italy where Eero goes huge. Dingo milks a goat in Switzerland and the boys say goodbye to Louie Vito and Eero Niemela.

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Lazy Americans

Its the last day of the trip and Dingo, Tom and Dustin are targets for paintball-wakeboarding. They all hit the glacier for the last day of riding.

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Season Details

Synopsis In the world of "reality" television, there isn't much reality happening. But in The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo, the wild, fast-paced and his unpredictable life of an Olympic snowboarder and his entourage is captured in its purest form. The 13 part series follows two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass and Australia's number-one export and snow personality, The Dingo on their snowboarding adventures around the world. This season features several new special guests including Olympic Snowboarder and ABC's Dancing With The Stars contestant Louie Vito and 2010 Olympic Medalist Scotty Lago.
Genres Snowboarding
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 4 hours  46 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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