M80 - Season 1 - Jeff Tilton (2005)

NR 22 minutes Motorsports
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Look into the life of featured FMX rider Jeff Tilton. Also featured sections of Mulisha rider, OX, and footage of failed backflip attempts.

Jeff Tilton, Ox,

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Episodes from M80 - Season 1


Doug Parsons

Doug Parsons returns to natural terrain, Travis Pastrana pulls the first doubleback flip Seth Enslow, Brian Deegan, and the Crusty Demons of Dirt terrorize Australia.

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Beau Bamburg

Feature on Beau Bamburg, Dave Lombardo the drummer for Slayer, Beau Manley speaks his mind, the Fox Racing/SMA Hummer.

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Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana rips up the Red Bull contest in Spain and gets loose at his training facilities in Maryland. Also, meet freestyler Jimmy McGuire and a section saluting the best of the natural terrain...

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Adam Jones

Featured rider Adam Jones in Nevada, Chris Hamilton the drummer for Bloodsimple, Derek Burlew speaks his, the Metal Mulisha invades Long Beach, CA.

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Ronnie Faisst

Look into the life of featured rider Ronnie Faisst, as he destroys Deegan's house, the 80 foot backflip and the Crusty Tour. Also featured: sections of Jimmy McGuire, the first wall-rides, and the...

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Carey Hart

Featured in this episode Carey Hart in Vegas, the Metal Mulisha and travel with Dustin Miller to his place in Nevada and compound in California, to check his style.

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Jeff Tilton

Look into the life of featured FMX rider Jeff Tilton. Also featured sections of Mulisha rider, OX, and footage of failed backflip attempts.

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Colin Morrison

Featured in this episode rider Colin Morrison, Kenny Bell blowing up, and a roadtrip with Jimmy Fitzpatrick.

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Nate Adams

Look into the life of feature rider Nate Adams, as he destroys a number of local riding areas. Also featured: sections of Canada's 819 crew, the carolla, and the drumming of Kevin Moran from the band...

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Brian Deegan

This episode of M80 has featured rider Brian Deegan. The General of the Metal Mulisha throws it down for all to see. Also check out a roadtrip to Oklahoma with Bryan Dowdy. Brian Foster is Blowin up...

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Tommy Clowers

Look into the life of featured rider Tommy Clowers, as he destroys a number of local demos and Ocotillo Wells. Also featured sections of X-Games, the Human Hater and Deegan's house.

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Ronnie Renner

Look into the life of featured rider Ronnie Renner, as he shows his moves both on and off the bike interviews from FMX riders concerning foam pits and their impact on the sport up and coming rider...

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The Best of M80

Look back at the first season of M80. The best featured riders, innovations, foampits, and crashes, all hosted by our three favorite token hotties: Sasha, Mercedes, and Naureen!...

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Episode Details

Synopsis The fuse has been lit, and Fuel TV's first show dedicated strictly to freestyle motocross has arrived. This episode features the rider with arguably the best 'whip' in freestyle motocross, JEFF TILTON -- watch him rip up some demos across the country and hit some natural terrain with Clowers and Herron. Also, meet metal mulisha freestyler Ox, and catch a section saluting failed backflip attempts.
Genres Motocross, Dirtbike, Freestyle Motocross
Athletes Jeff Tilton, Ox,
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
Download Resolution SD | 640x480
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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